In 2017 our expert team invented and patented special bent edges dish rail. The invention, so far, has been applied in two products: Chopping board, and Hanging vertical gardens. Our products are going to be manufactured and sold under the copyright name of HAUSNERMATIC, the protected brand created for this purpose.

These products are innovations in the global market and as such are the novelty beyond the competition. The supreme quality of the products rests on the fusion of modern design, selected quality materials and cutting edge processing. Be User-Friendly is our guiding line through each and every segment of our projects’ development, for we strive to simplify the work and save time.

Recycling is another important aspect of our work so we have also made sure that all elements in all of our products are well-designed and can last for a very long time with proper maintenance.

Exhibited repeatedly at international fairs our inventions have been rewarded with gold, silver and bronze medals.